St Andrews Garden

Team Work

I was invited to join the design team on this St Andrews project by Stephen Wilson at Lorn Macneal Architects in early 2019.  The project included the full refurbishment of the existing house, the addition of two modern extensions, and the construction of a garage and gym in the garden space.  I worked closely with Stephen and the clients to ensure the landscaping and the architecture worked hand in hand.  The existing garden had a real ‘secret garden’ feel to it but was overgrown and dishevelled when we began.  We worked closely with a tree surgeon to sensitively tame the wild and to allow existing trees and shrubs to flourish.  New trees were planted both to maintain privacy and to give the garden a long term future.

A garden for entertaining and entertainment

Patios, a woodland fire pit area, a summerhouse, meandering mown paths through the orchard and a greenhouse have all created destinations within the garden to keep family and friends entertained throughout the year.  Around the fire pit is a circular log wall designed to define the area but also to provide additional perching spots.  And nearby, a small, discrete bar with fridge keeps everyone refreshed on summer evenings without having to trek back up to the house for a beer.

Garden lighting

I worked with Mark Dunion at MGD Electrical to create the garden lighting design.  Moonlights, festoon lights, LED strip lights and spot lights as well as lamp posts create a multitude of subtle lighting effects across the garden.   And a stunning sculpture by David Harber is another highlight of the finished garden which is lit from within so that it glows at night.

Nice finish

This was a very enjoyable collaboration between myself, LMA and the clients as well as their gardener and landscaper, David Porter.  Great communication ruled, which is evident in the end result!





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