Gold Medal Show Garden 2014 Gardening Scotland

A Charity Show Garden

Early in 2014 the charity Freedom from Fistula Foundation  invited me to design a show garden at Gardening Scotland to help promote their cause. The project was a great challenge but also a lot of fun and the garden went on to win a gold medal for all who helped create it.

Circular by design

The aim of the garden was to raise awareness of the charity and to help raise funds for much needed vehicles to be used in its operations in Africa. The garden was circular, allowing visitors to wander all the way round and view the garden from every angle. It incorporated a water feature using a stepped rill, a cedar boardwalk, two crescent moon shaped benches, two Urbis lily bowls planted with aquatic plants, and lush, colourful planting. And an African-inspired motif was scorched into the decking edges.

New home for the garden

Everyone is acutely aware of the potential wastefulness of show gardens which are built, on show, then dismantled within a matter of days.  So part of the design process includes how the garden and its component parts can be re-homed after the show is over.  One of the Urbis bowls and the two crescent moon benches found permanent homes in a garden I designed in Hamilton for a couple who came to Gardening Scotland and fell in love with our show garden.  The circular rill was incorporated into my Merchiston Garden which went on to win a Principal BALI award.  And the plants, including the stunning clipped box balls, found a new home in my Eton Terrace garden which also went on to win a Principal BALI award.

Gold Medal

The garden was built by Water Gems and all plants were supplied by Binny Plants.  It was wonderful to repeat our 2010 team success at Ingliston!




Completed 2014

Awards, Landscaping, Planting, Water Features